"Since its beginning”, “Monowara Apparels” aspires for excellence in its service and strives to achieve the goal by practicing Transparency and fairness in all its activities and work Passionately in the domain of the garment sector and thereby inspiring compatibility in people, society and the environment and make the world a better place to live.

We are Monowara Apparels, a garment buying & sourcing agent based on Bangladesh. Our job is to source garments from Bangladesh with the best quality, price and get the shipment done within the targeted time. We do all kinds of garments for Men, Women and Kids.

The point of having a sourcing agent is to find the best factories, dealing with them for the best prices, ensuring on time delivery and most importantly negotiating for the best price by keeping the same-targeted quality. Different factory does different types of garments. Woven, knit, denim & sweater for Men, Women and Kids are not made in the same factory. We take the full responsibility from sample development to garment shipment according to the buyer’s requirement. We arrange the products from different factories and put all them together in one place. So, buyer doesn’t need to take the hassle of handling different factories for different types garments.

Though we are newly formed company, we have got a highly experienced, honest, educated and dedicated team. Our goal is to achieve customer’s satisfaction through keeping our commitment. We are reliable, responsible and committed to our customers. Also we are always available for assistance, our responses are fast, quick and informative.


To be a leader in the global market of garments by endorsing in the advanced environment support technologies in accordance with the compliance requirement set by the customers around the globe.

Create an atmosphere for the ready made garments users, where people can use the product safely, comfortably, and take pleasure in buying such a product.

Promote the garment products globally in a way that our vendors can have more customers of their products.
Be an organization that will be trusted and respected by all vendors, customers, and users alike, in all our activities.

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